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Woo-hoo! Editing finished for ALWAL – The Spy…

Yeah! Turns out I was generally pretty happy with what I had in the final stretch of A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy, also known as A Lie Within A Lie 2… so I managed to finish up the editing today. Hurrah!

The other good news is that I feel confident I can get the thing formatted and ready a lot quicker than ALWAL: The Singer. Which means I can definitely hit my release date; May 14th. A Saturday! I’m giving you a whole weekend to devour this thing. (Remember, it’s twice the size of the first book….)

Anyway, if you haven’t visited the book page here on the site, here’s a sneak at the cover…

A Lie Within A Lie - The Spy - female mask fiction novel

Of course, now I also have to figure out how to do paperback version of both books, which is a whole new challenge. I’m on a bit of a roll so maybe I can try it out in time for the launch? That’d be nice.

One or two of you contacted me about ALWAL and not being able to buy it via Amazon. That’s frustrating, considering Amazon’s huge reach, but it’s inevitable for a little longer; basically as part of Kindle Unlimited, a book has to remain exclusive for three months. I think I’m about to get my first royalty payments for the KU version of ALWAL, so we’ll see how that stacks up against book sales. If it’s good, then I’m afraid ALWAL 2 will be in KU for at least 90 days too. However, if you’re burning to see ALWAL 2 in other formats earlier than that, let me know. I still intend to sell them on Gumroad too at some point, probably both as PDFs and standard eBook formats, for those who are Kindle-haters.

So, editing done, pre-order soon, paperback versions to come… and then what? Who knows. On to the next thing I suppose! Stay tuned for more blog posts. And please, leave a comment! It feels a bit lonely out here some days. You can register here.

Progress Report

More ALWAL progress… and my guess at a release date

Well, the wall has been scaled, at least partially.

I’m entering into the home stretch with editing of A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy, now down to less than 20K to go. I’m pretty pleased with what I’m seeing, as well. I’m aiming to get as much of this cranked out this weekend, and then it’ll be down to the final tasks.

Fingers crossed, I’d like to be done next week. I think I may put another pre-order up, and if I can, just for my own sense of weird symmetry, might aim to have the book on-sale on May 14th or 15th. An even month from the original’s release.

Editing the novel has reminded me of what I put in the book, too (It can be easy to forget!). It’s broader than I remember. There’s M2F masking, as you know, but there’s also a bunch of other variants. Without spoiling things, you can expect some M2M and even F2F. For anyone who thought A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer was too focused on one specific kind of masking, the sequel might change your mind. It’s definitely got variance. And quite a lot of kinkiness too, I feel.

Right, back to it. More to come!

Progress Report

Progress on A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy

As you might have seen, I’ve stated that A Lie Within A Lie is one complete 150,000 word story over two books. As you also probably know, I’m editing ALWAL Part 2 – The Spyright now. What you might not realize is that The Spy is double the length of The Singer, so it’s a big mountain.

I’m about half-way up that mountain right now. I’ll be honest, I thought I was further along, but I looked up at the cliff face this morning and realized that yep, still plenty of mountain to climb.

It’s going to be interesting to see people’s reactions to this book. It takes the plot in some interesting directions after The Singer, and I hope you have plenty of things to say about it when it’s done!

Speaking of when it’s done, which I know you all want to know… I’m hoping, fingers crossed, to have this out in May. I’d love to get it out before May 14th, so a month since The Singer was released, but… can’t say for sure. I’ve lost some time due to illness this month, but I’m trying to focus now and git ‘er done for you. Fingers crossed…

… and back to it.


Welcome to my new mask fiction site!

Well hey there, welcome to my new mask fiction site.. and of course, my new blog. Breath in that new website smell. It’s like a mixture of cough drops and moth balls.

It’s been… oooh, about 16 years since the last time I held a mask fiction related domain, and of course, has long since vanished into the no-man’s land of inexplicably squatted-upon domain names. But who cares? Today we’re all about personal brand. Ghostly Writer dot com it is. So welcome.

News Process

What ‘A Lie Within A Lie’ is, and what it isn’t

A Lie Within A Lie: 3D mockup, smallI’ve been a bit hesitant to write this post, but I decided in the end I needed to be honest and open. Here’s the TL;DR version:

Don’t buy A Lie Within A Lie expecting a retread of Practice to Deceive. It’s a different book with a different ‘feel’, and for some, it might not be exactly what you want. Specifically: it doesn’t contain transformation scenes from the protagonist’s point of view.

Here’s my longer thoughts. I think A Lie Within A Lie is a great story, and sexy as hell. So do my early readers (stick around for some quotes). I hope you trust me, and I hope you love the book. But, I wanted to be clear about this so no-one buys it and then screams at me for not making it obvious. (I tried to do what I could with the description, although that might have passed some by.)


The secret origin of A Lie Within A Lie

Note: This is a very old blog post (from 2008) that I moved over from my previous blog (you can find the original version here). I moved it because it’s a good insight into my original inspiration for what was originally known as The Babysitter, and finally became A Lie Within A Lie.

Can you remember the earliest times you felt – ahem – stirred by the prospect of masks or disguises?

I’m sure we all have a story (unless you just wandered onto this page by accident, in which case, seeya later), and for a lot of us it might involve Mission: Impossible or similar. That’s a common touchstone, but I bet all of us have our own unique memories. If you’re anything like me, those memories haven’t faded too badly over the years, even though your original source may have long disappeared.

One of my earliest ones was of course the primary inspiration behind the Spider-Girl series – a single panel, really, of Betty Brant pulling on her mask. Don’t know why, but that sure as hell got me. I also carried with me, for years, another turn-on from about the same time. I could see the image as clearly as anything in my mind’s eye, and I knew the story it came from. That’d be this image here:

Invisible Boy - Eagle cover

That there is a corner of a front cover to Eagle comic, dated 22nd January 1983. I know this because I have a copy sitting next to me, lent to me by a friend (who, of course, has no idea that I asked to borrow his entire collection of vintage Eagle comics, in part, just so I could find this particular issue). Given that issue’s cover date, I would have been 10 years old when that issue hit the stands.

Well, now I know about when adolescent hormones started for Young GW.

That image drove me crazy, particularly when I read the story inside. Invisible Boy was a series where the kid in question (‘Tim’, who looked quite a bit like how 10-year old Ghostly Writer saw himself) could, erm, turn invisible. So far so dull. But of course while the comic story dealt with ‘interesting’ situations like Tim helping out refugees and stopping crimes, in reality what hormone-plagued boys like me wanted to see was Invisible Boy doing what any normal kid would do… sneak around and see girls naked.

Any normal kid. I wasn’t normal, as we all know by now.

What Young GW wanted to see was girls in disguises. I’d already developed strange feelings after watching Mission: Impossible’s Lynda Day George… and we all know how that Betty Brant crush manifested itself (admittedly, about 17 years later). So when my eyes clapped on that image on the front of that issue, you’d better believe I flipped straight to the Invisible Boy story.

It’s not like it’s Shakespeare, and no, I won’t send you scouring the Internet to find some obscure ‘torrent file so we can all read it. (Although if I had a scanner and not a crappy iSight camera, I’d share.) Basically Tim’s single scientist of a father gets a new housekeeper… and of course as we all know from that spoiler of an image, said housekeeper is actually a gorgeous blonde in disguise. Or as Tim puts it:

"She's like some Hollywood film star!"
“She’s like some Hollywood film star!”

Yeah, emphasis on the word like there, Tim. Still, she was blonde and kinda cute – but more importantly, she had just pulled off a wig and glasses! For Young GW, this meant she was a mistress of disguise, and hence a sex goddess. I would not be argued with, even if we all went back in time and tried.

Over the next three weeks my little adolescent heart went pitter-patter as I picked up each issue, hoping to see ‘Miss Martin’ transform herself for some obscure reason. I didn’t get my wish, although I did get these two panels:

"Tim could imagine it so clearly..."
“Tim could imagine it so clearly…”

… and fairly obviously, so could little ol’ me. So much so in fact, that the image above of ‘Miss Martin’ pulling off her wig stuck in my brain for 24 years… and in case you were wondering, here’s where all this becomes relevant to our supposed topic…

… that image has inspired the plot of a potential story called, right now, The Babysitter. I think you can imagine where it might go.

And that, my friends, is what you call a tease.