What ‘A Lie Within A Lie’ is, and what it isn’t

A Lie Within A Lie: 3D mockup, smallI’ve been a bit hesitant to write this post, but I decided in the end I needed to be honest and open. Here’s the TL;DR version:

Don’t buy A Lie Within A Lie expecting a retread of Practice to Deceive. It’s a different book with a different ‘feel’, and for some, it might not be exactly what you want. Specifically: it doesn’t contain transformation scenes from the protagonist’s point of view.

Here’s my longer thoughts. I think A Lie Within A Lie is a great story, and sexy as hell. So do my early readers (stick around for some quotes). I hope you trust me, and I hope you love the book. But, I wanted to be clear about this so no-one buys it and then screams at me for not making it obvious. (I tried to do what I could with the description, although that might have passed some by.)

To get more technical for a second: A Lie Within A Lie was always, always going to be the story of a man being seduced by a ‘woman’ who could potentially be any woman he desired. Ergo, the protagonist of the story – our main character – was going to be the man, in this case, Ethan, the teenager who meets a very special woman while on vacation. Our antagonist (sort of, if we’re splitting dramatic hairs here) would be said ‘woman’, who’s introduced as Marla in the story.

While I know many of you enjoy mask fiction for the thrill of imagining that you are the person able to transform themselves, that’s not the only attraction for me of the fetish. I’ve had the fantasy that Ethan has for pretty much my entire life; that’s why I wrote the book. (Strictly speaking my fantasy was for a woman beneath the mask, but then again, I cater to the audience! Yes, I know some of you want F2F… I did write 25 ‘issues’ of Spider-Girl fanfic after all.) I am guessing many of you will feel the same way. And I’m also guessing as a result, you’ll enjoy the book.

I’ll also point out that while part 1 – The Singer – is light on transformation scenes, part 2 – The Spy – is heavier. And kinkier. In all sorts of ways.

Speaking of which, I’d better get back to it. But I’ll leave you with this. If, for example, you pre-ordered A Lie Within A Lie and then read the book and were deeply disappointed, please let me know, or get a refund. But please, only do that if you’re really, deeply disappointed. And I doubt you will be. Fingers crossed for you.

Oh I almost forgot! Those quotes. Here’s a few!

From Sally Bend’s review over at Bending the Bookshelf (you can’t see, but I’m blushing here):

There is a passion for detail here that you do not often come across in even the most polished, professionally published erotic literature. Ghostly Writer makes the reader see and feel each aspect of the disguise, painting a series of vivid pictures that amaze as they arouse. Readers with a fetish for masking, dollification, female impersonation, or simple crossdressing will find a lot to admire and appreciate here. The sex is equally succulent, vibrant and intense, but never vulgar. Given how many genders are sometimes mixed in a single intimate encounter, it really is a story that crosses orientations as well as genders.

From Victor G, AKA ‘the man who wrote The Substitute before I came in and messed it up’:

Yet again, Ghostly Writer proves why he is the “Godfather of Online Female Mask Fiction”. His detailed, erotic transformation scenes are some of the best-written I’ve ever read.

Last but not least, from fellow mask fiction author, Circe:

Brilliantly imaginative, deliciously erotic, and full of suspense this story is a masterclass of the genre – read it now!

Hopefully that’s enough to tide you over. I would absolutely love to hear what you think of A Lie Within A Lie, and look forward to reading your reviews, too! (Oh and in case you hadn’t heard, it’s on sale now. Ish.)