A new look for Practice to Deceive…?

Since I mentioned I would be publishing (well, publishing-on-demand) Practice to Deceive, I’ve had the tough, tough task of spending many hours going through Shutterstock to find the perfect cover imagery. It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to do it.

Seriously, while at times I found myself quite awed by the amount of gorgeous models on that site, it was actually pretty damn hard to find an image that I liked. Ideally I wanted something that needed little (if any) editing; it needed to be relatively clutter free, to have a good, clean look as a book cover; and frankly, it needed to be sexy while not being entirely overt. I’m sure you’ve looked already, but just in case… scroll down (and click/tap to make bigger).

Practice to Deceive: the new cover
Practice to Deceive: the new cover

Thoughts? I think it’s a lot sexier than the original cover, frankly, although your mileage may obviously vary. The model is closer in my mind’s eye to what Linda looks like in the novel (brunette) although I’m sure she’s younger! (The other good news about this choice of image is that the same model is featured in a variety of fantastic images, so you never know, she may appear on the cover of the sequel, too….)

Practice to Deceive - mask fiction novel - cover
Practice to Deceive: the original cover

Of course, you have to suspend disbelief to imagine that what you’re looking at isn’t a woman at all, but a young man wearing a very clever disguise… but that’s what we do when we read, so I think we can handle that.

(By the way, I’ve looked – a lot – for images that could show/display masking, but the fact is, while there’s a few out there, nothing’s quite right for me. When I’m rich and famous I’ll commission someone to do that for me. Don’t hold your breath.)

Anyway, I may still tweak the cover a bit before publication; I may do white-on-dark text for the title instead, although I’m partial to this palette overall. Anyway, I’d love to know your thoughts. Do you think it’s better or worse than the original? (See right for reference – again, click for a close-up.) Do you think it would be more likely to make you buy the book, if you saw this cover?

Finally, a pretty important question… considering this is planned for the paperback cover… would you have it in your house?? (Perhaps under the bed, or discretely hidden in a drawer… heck, I’d have to do it myself.)

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or reach out via the contact page with your thoughts.

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4 responses

  1. Elizabeth Rees Avatar
    Elizabeth Rees

    The original cover looks more like a romance novel, while the new one looks a bit, um, porn-y. I think maybe I prefer the original, but with the title smaller and nearer the bottom. In any case, the title on the new doesn’t stand out against the picture, so I reckon light text would look better.

    1. gw Avatar

      Thanks Elizabeth! I agree, it does look a bit porn-y but… you should see some of the designs I’m up against on Amazon. 🙂 I’d like to feel it says ‘erotic’ rather than ‘porn’. I still wanted it to look kinda-classy.

      Unfortunately I don’t have the original files for the first cover – it was pre-designed – so I can’t alter the titling (or I would have long ago). As it is, I could buy the image, but I’ve sort of grown to resent it a bit… that said, you’re right about the title, I think. I’ll experiment with a lighter shade. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. hvk6589 Avatar

    Is Part 3 of the newsletter story(The New Job) coming soon?

    1. gw Avatar

      Yep. Working on it.