Her Substitute – paperback is being published

Just pushed the button on the print-on-demand paperback for Her Substitute

Her Substitute - publishing the paperback
Her Substitute – publishing the paperback

Should – fingers crossed – be live tomorrow along with the ebook, or if not, a day or so later. Let’s hope!

If you pick up the paperback, please send me a pic – would love to see it in the wild. (Come to think of it, I’d be happy to see pictures of your Kindle or your phone or whatever with the book on it!) In theory it should look something like this render…

Her Substitute - female mask fiction novel by Ghostly Writer

Other stuff: I removed the password protection from the second extract, so if you aren’t a newsletter reader (or even if you are) it’s open to you now. So go peek, unless you want to read the book un-spoiled.

The non-Amazon version of the book will go online sometime tomorrow, probably. It might slip to Thursday. I have some big stuff going on tomorrow, but I’m going to try really hard to get it done. Fingers crossed.

Update just in case you turned up here later: the paperback version is on sale here.




2 responses

  1. robyn hoode Avatar
    robyn hoode

    I may be one of the first buyers of the Kindle edition (except perhaps for those who pre-ordered). I live in the UK and clicked ‘buy’ just after midnight 🙂 Not read it yet but I know it’ll be good.

    My only gripe is equating $ to £ exactly. I know we’re paying the price of the Brexit vote with the devaluation of the GBP but it’s not yet (quite) on a parity. I remember when the rate was $2.5 to £1 *sigh*

    Still I’m sure it’ll be worth every penny 🙂

  2. gw Avatar

    You know what, Robyn? Leaving aside the gag about robbing the rich (ahem), you’re right, it’s a little high. When I adjust (this is a ‘promo’ price after all) I’ll be more careful.

    That said, I do still think it’s great value regardless of where you are. 😉

    Let me know what you think. Also, I just saw your review of ALWAL today – thank you very much for that!