Nails and the having of them

This isn’t an update. Not really.

A long time ago in the mists of blah blah etc etc choose your preferred metaphor for “a while previous to now”, I used to write ‘my blog’ (how quaint) a lot more frequently. For whatever reason, I’m too tired to psychoanalyze it, I haven’t done so here.

I might? Now and again? When the mood takes me, natch.

The mood is here.

Got my nails done

For the past few months I’ve been getting regular manicure/pedicures. Now, in our metrosexual woke 21st century there’s nothing really weird about that – in fact anyone who asks, I thoroughly recommend it, especially if you skip the strip mall and try to find a salon or person who really takes their work seriously. And I have and I did.

I don’t care a whole lot about how I look. I’m too old and too dull to really worry anymore, and fashion was never my thing. So I don’t get mani-pedis for looks, or fashion, or even health. It’s just a really nice relaxing experience, because man, you get pampered, or at least, I do. My nail technician treats me good, y’all, and I don’t think I’m special. For that 90 or so minutes I’m in the chair I can zone out, think about whatever I want to, watch the world go by and get, as was once memorably said, “a motherfuckin’ foot massage”.

And yesterday on a whim I got my nails painted.

Normally I skip that part, which is perfectly fine. You can get your nails trimmed, your feet buffed and scraped, everything filed down and feeling good and then just not bother with the polish, but yesterday I said to my girl “Let’s do this”, and so we did. I walked out of the place with a sort of sparkly sea green on my nails. Just my hands, but mostly because I don’t wear open-toe shoes.

Throughout the rest of the night, whenever I’d look at my hands, there they were. Surprising me each and every time. I did that? Me? But yeah, I did. And every time I got surprised I also felt something else: pride. Not, “Oh boy, look at me, striking a blow for equality and love and equal rights” but more “Hey, I did something new and different and this is very much not my brand, but also it very much is my brand, so go me.”

Can you guess why I’m talking about this here, and not on, say, my social media accounts? My real social media accounts?

Not because I’m scared, not because I’m embarrassed. But because I think this signals something that I’ve known for a while: I’m bi. Actually bi, not make-believe bi, not bi-in-my-writing bi, but actually bi liking men as well as women and also liking men who look like women bi.

Yeah. I think that’s a thing.

And no, even in my woke metrosexual 21st century real life I’m not ready to stand up and say this – yet. But, I am walking around with some very lovely nails, thank you.

Why yes, you may compliment them.


The One I Want – Kindle edition now live

Cover to The One I Want by Ghostly Writer
The One I Want

Yay, The One I Want is now available for Kindle e-readers via, and and all the other countries.

It is still also available on Gumroad, if you’re okay with a PDF and don’t mind slightly different formatting. As this is a novella rather than a novel, I’d totally get that choice. Also, you can save a couple of bucks on Gumroad vs. the ‘Zon, to make my cut from the sale a bit more in my favor.

Frankly though I’ll be happy if you just buy it anywhere. And I’d love to hear what you thought! Drop a comment here, send me an email there, whatever you like, it’s all good.

Of course, if you do purchase on Amazon a review is HIGHLY desirable. I will be your best pal forever if you leave one.



The One I Want on Kindle, and then?

Just pushed the button to submit The One I Want to the Kindle store. As mentioned it’s going to be a buck more over there, mostly to cover Amazon’s higher fees. If you want to save a buck and gimme a little higher share, Gumroad is still available as an option.

The One I Want Kindle
Oooh, oooh, oooh – honey.

With Amazon’s usual checking procedures hopefully The One I Want will be live over there inside a day or two, worst mid-week. I’ll post again when it’s up.

As usual it’s published worldwide, so you should be able to see it in a store that works for you; if you don’t, please let me know so I can investigate.

Oh, it’s ebook only btw. I don’t think it’d be big enough to be a paperback. If you prefer a printed form, best option is to pick it up at Gumroad and print it yourself (you have both Letter and A4 paper options to choose from too, fancy).


The One I Want – out now (ish)

It’s February 1st. And you know what that means –

… don’t go back and look at any other February 1st entries because I will feel horrendously embarrassed by the span of time between the last thing I released and this thanks

The One I Want: promo image
Out now. Kinda. Sorta.

We’re doing something different here

The One I Want is making its debut on Gumroad, not on Amazon. And there’s a few reasons for that.

  1. The cover is highly likely to change, and I like to go out with a final, great cover on Amazon. (Learnt my lesson on Practice to Deceive.)
  2. I’ve had feedback from a few peeps that they had trouble buying on Amazon, so wanted to ensure this (DRM free, PDF only) option was available from the start.
  3. It’s actually going to be (shhh!) cheaper on Gumroad than Amazon. It’s priced at $4* right now on Gumroad; it’ll be at least $5 on Amazon. (I’m likely rejiggering all my prices, to be honest.)
  4. Er, the Amazon version isn’t ready and I wanted to keep my promise and get it out in February. So there.

Above and beyond all that, I’m also able to offer two different versions of the same story on Gumroad. As it’s a plain ol’ PDF, you get both ‘Letter’ sized and ‘A4’ sized. It’s purely for those of you who like to print stuff. I know you’re out there.

Now; if you’re a die-hard Kindle person, you can still import the PDF to Kindle if you like or you can wait a little while and it’ll make its way to Amazon. You’ll pay like a buck more, but it’ll be in your Kindle library, easy to download everywhere, still available to you if your backups die, etc.

Oh and of course, Amazon has reviews. So that’d be nice.

With all that said

The One I Want isn’t entirely my typical kind of story, but then it’s entirely atypical either. It’s got steamy sex. It’s got disguise. It’s got all the latex thingummies and doodads.

What it doesn’t have is a transformation scene. It’s implied (this is a male-to-female scenario, spoilers and all that) but it’s not shown ‘on-page’. For some, that might be a bummer. If so, I wanted you to know up front.

I’ve written dozens of transformation scenes in Practice to Deceive, Her Substitute and even (eventually) in A Lie Within A Lie, so I don’t feel it’s exactly lacking in my repetoire. But, if it’s your primary reason for reading, just know that going in.

It’s still, like, super hot though. So I’m told.

And hopefully you’ll tell me! I’m still hammering on the comments and the contact form, but you can always email me directly; details are in fact, in the PDF file.

Now what am I forgetting oh yeah

ps – congrats to the person who, I presume, got some sort of notification from Gumroad and snuck in to buy this early

* Strictly speaking it’s “$4 or above”. Gumroad lets you pay more. So if you wanna ‘tip’ me, essentially, I’d appreciate it – but not required!