The One I Want on Kindle, and then?

Just pushed the button to submit The One I Want to the Kindle store. As mentioned it’s going to be a buck more over there, mostly to cover Amazon’s higher fees. If you want to save a buck and gimme a little higher share, Gumroad is still available as an option.

The One I Want Kindle
Oooh, oooh, oooh – honey.

With Amazon’s usual checking procedures hopefully The One I Want will be live over there inside a day or two, worst mid-week. I’ll post again when it’s up.

As usual it’s published worldwide, so you should be able to see it in a store that works for you; if you don’t, please let me know so I can investigate.

Oh, it’s ebook only btw. I don’t think it’d be big enough to be a paperback. If you prefer a printed form, best option is to pick it up at Gumroad and print it yourself (you have both Letter and A4 paper options to choose from too, fancy).

If you held off reading The One I Want until the Kindle version, please let me know what you think and of course, reviews are like the most precious gift you can give. Except diamonds. Pound for pound I think they’re worth more.

So what’s next then?

It’s really got to be Seeing is Deceiving, the so-long-awaited-its-practically-grown-up sequel to Practice to Deceive. Gotta do it. Gotta get it off my plate. (How is that a metaphor for being late with something, by the way? Is your plate an inbox? Surely it refers to eating. Eating the thing you hate last? Hmm.)

I’ve toyed with the idea over the years (sorry) of splitting Seeing is Deceiving into two separate volumes, because it’s big, bigger than the first book. But there’s nowhere in there that immediately screams ‘cut at this point’, frankly. You might just have to handle a big book. You can handle a big… thick… book. Right?

Anyway, it’s got a ways to go but as I’ve said not too far, so I’m going to give myself another deadline here and now. April 1st. Yes yes, April Fools, etc etc. I likely won’t publish it on that date, but having it in the world in April is what I’m aiming for. Officially.

Strike The One I Want off the list for this year and onwards to the next.