So, it’s possible I deleted your registration here on the site. If I did, sorry. Why? Because basically I fielded hundreds of bots that were registering new accounts. I finally got around to adding a captcha on the registration page, but for security, I deleted just about every account I didn’t recognize.

(For reference, I was at over 600 users, now I’m sub 20, which is more believable!)

In a few cases I recognized your username/email and left your account alone, but in more cases I deleted. Based on previous comments I recreated a number of accounts; they will be getting an email from me (automated) letting you know there’s a new account.

For reference, the usernames in the screenshot below are all that exist on the site now. If you recognize yourself below, check to make sure you can login; if you can’t, you’ve got an email from me. If your username isn’t listed below, you’ll have to register again. Sorry.

Username list

Fucking bots. This is why we can’t have nice things, etc.

Back soon with an actual update of interest.





2 responses

  1. zerogouki83 Avatar

    Woohoo! This account survived the purge!

  2. maskeddani Avatar

    Survived the purge!

    Although that means you know my identity… time to ditch this bodysuit and find another before it’s too late!