Mid-September update

Well, here we are in mid-September ish aaaaaand Practice to Deceive 2: Electric Boogaloo is not edited.

(Also, that’s not the title. Just a little joke.)

Why isn’t it edited? Because life, that’s why.

I was cruising fine until pretty dang recently, but the last couple of weeks have been… let’s just say tumultuous. I’m fine – in the sort of macro, cosmic-level kind of view of ‘fine’ – but events did throw a wrench, or if you will, a spanner in the editing works.

So, sorry, no book this month I expect.

As of tomorrow though I’m re-applying my nose to the grindstone, which if I’m right about grindstones, is gonna hurt. On the plus side, it’ll likely get the editing finished sooner rather than later. Yay!

That’s it. As you were.




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  1. KinkfromJP Avatar

    Still celibate😤

    1. KinkfromJP Avatar


  2. Bristo Avatar

    Hi ghostly, any recent updates?

  3. maskeddani Avatar

    Hey GW! Just wanted to stop by and give some words of encouragement. It can be frustrating when a project takes longer than you’d hoped. But life happens and that’s ok. Happy to wait as long as it takes for you to put out something you’re happy with. Good vibes only!!