Late November update (ugh)

Life happens.

And when it does it tends to happen all at once, as they say.

I can’t fully disclose here because, well because, but suffice to say September and October ended up being a little nuts. And then November? Let’s just say I looked at the date as I sat down to write this and went what?

Time is passing way too quick, people.

Editing has stalled. Not because of any inherent issue with editing, just with time and my inclination, because of the because circumstances up above. Things have happened, personal and stress-inducing things, that have left me much more interested in basically meditating and keeping my mind clean of all thought vs. getting into the book in the last two (sigh) months.

Sorry. You’re waiting, you’re relatively patient, and I appreciate that.

What can I say? I will slog onwards. About 50K to go, editing wise, but man, that seems like a lot right now. Wish me luck, etc!