Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order is live!

Seeing is Deceiving mockups - ereader, phone, paperback
Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order your Kindle copy now

Well, that was quick (kinda).

The pre-order for the Kindle version of Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is live now. Go go go go! After pre-ordering the book will drop onto your Kindle on Monday, January 30th. (Phew. Just in under the wire for the month.)

I say that was ‘quick’ because between the time I uploaded the file and I had finished with the paperback version, voila! The pre-order popped up. Pretty quick, Amazon. In, uh, stark contrast to me.

Wait, you’re still here? You have questions? Right, right. Let’s hear them, reader of my imagination.

Why a pre-order? Why didn’t you just go live?

Pre-orders are counted as sales on release day, which means the more people who pre-order, the more sales are counted on day one, which means the higher I go in the sales charts.

Cover for Seeing is Deceiving

For Her Substitute, this resulted in me (briefly!) hitting number one in (a chart I can’t recall right now) which drives additional sales. I know you wanna read it now now now, but if you can pre-order it’ll ultimately help more people find the book and that’s a good thing for both of us.

Will it be available as a paperback, or away from Amazon?

Yes. The paperback version is getting processed now, for the five people or so who’ve ever bought a paperback of any of my books (including me!). Without having seen the physical thing, obviously, it looked real pretty on my monitor. It’ll be a chunky beast too, about 435 pages in a 6in by 9in trim.

Yes, there will also be a version on Gumroad. It may also be priced slightly cheaper on Gumroad than on Amazon, I need to re-check prices there (the royalty is a bit higher), but having said that Gumroad is increasing their cut at the end of January.

I’m looking at some alternative options too (possibly a Dropbox shop) so you’ll have choices.

That said, if you are okay with Kindle, please pre-order, don’t wait. You’ll only get charged on launch day (Monday, January 30th).

What else? Are you sure you didn’t forget something?

I probably did. I admit, the speed of approval of the book threw me a bit! But hey, I wanted you to know ASAP. Right then, off to ping the mailing list. You’re on that, right?