Seeing is Deceiving: Paperback live

Seeing is Deceiving is now live in paperback. As in, you can buy it. Right now. And apparently have it in your hot little hands by Wednesday, at least here in the US, with Prime, etc etc.

Seeing is Deceiving paperback
It’ll look something like this. Trust me, it’s big

Damn, Amazon is on a tear. Trying to impress someone?

Anyway, you’d think after doing this for so long I’d know all the stuff but no! This being the first time I’ve actually had a paperback of a book available/submitted at the same time as the ebook, it’s the first time I’ve found out that the paperback can get processed this quick and can go on sale earlier than the pre-order!

Er, whoops?

I guess I could take it down, but naaah. If you want a print copy, hey, consider yourself lucky! Here’s a few more links:

All of those links also serve as two-click shortcuts to getting the Kindle version, too. And no, I’m sticking by that January 30th date. I need those pre-orders! Do it, already! Please?

While I’m here though, here are two more country sites where Amazon doesn’t offer paperbacks, but you can still pre-order the Kindle version:

It probably goes without saying but the book is in English, just so you know.

Want a preview to read?

Course you do.

Having the paperback version live means there’s a preview available… which means you get to read the first part of the book.

Which, I think it’s fair to say, starts off with a bang. Hint. Hint.

Amazon preview. Go on, you know you want to

Enjoy. Lemme know what you think.

Oh, one more thing

You might be looking at that lovely cover above and going “That’s nice, but it’s not really in the same style as the cover for Practice to Deceive, Ghostly old chap.” In which case please, do we know each other well enough to call me ‘chap’? And seriously, I got you.

Because of course I revised the cover to Practice to Deceive to match the new look. Oh, and Linda’s face…!

Coming soon in a new paperback, and of course, the Kindle version will be updated too (for free, if you already have it).

3D render of the paperback of Practice to Deceive
New cover for Practice to Deceive

(various satisfied noises)