Tell me what you think

UPDATE: The survey’s now closed. I got over 50 responses which is awesome! And is also taking a while to process. But it shall be done!

Newsletter readers already know this: I’ve put out a survey which I’d love you to fill out. Why? So you can tell me what you think of my stuff, and what you’d like to see more of.

In other words, tell me what to write, amongst other things.

Here’s a picture of an emojii to potentially represent your feelings, which you can click to go to said survey.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Or perhaps sir is in more of a ‘button’ mood?

There’s really only so many ways you can say “please go to this link”. But, as I already made the case in the newsletter, here’s the same text in case you missed it.

To quote myself. Assume there was some blurb about His Best Girlfriend before this point.

Genuinely, honestly, this matters more to me than the book: I’ve created a survey that I’d really appreciate you filling out.

You might not think it, but quite often I find myself wondering “What should I write next? What do people want to see? What do they like in these stories? What makes Book X ‘better’ than Book Y?”

While I try my best to make myself cuddly and approachable – AKA “you can reply to this email to talk to me and/or visit the site and I’d love to hear from you” on balance I don’t actually get that much feedback.

And look: I understand. In the same way that I don’t leave comments on porn sites, I can get why you might not want to write to me and say “Hey man, enjoyed the latest book, especially the last scene, made me horny as hell”.

It’s private. It’s personal. I do get that.

At the same time I write for an audience. Yes, sure, I write for myself first and foremost – you can’t create this much fap material without enjoying it, hint hint – but I very much want to write with you, the audience member in mind.

So, I made this survey. It’s a totally and completely anonymous Google* Form. It doesn’t require you to sign-in to Google or tell me anything about you, other than what you share in the answers.

I don’t want to know your name or your job or your household income or anything. And no, I’m not going to do anything weird with the data, like sell it (Who, exactly, would want to buy responses about people’s preferences in mask fiction?!).

I just want to know your thoughts on my books and mask fiction in general. That’s it. I figured a form might make it easier to gather.

And, yes, I admit: I’m very very curious about my audience in aggregate. How many of you have read everything I’ve written? How many of you think “Book X” is the best vs “Book Y”? And what exactly do you want a sequel to first? I’d love to know.

OK, pitch over. I’ve been sweating over this thing for longer than I expected and frankly, probably convinced myself no-one’s going to give me any answers! If so, so be it. But you have a chance here to directly influence my future writing.

Take the time and give me your thoughts. I appreciate it.

* Yes, yes, it’s via Google, yes they use cookies, but have you ever searched for anything? Trust me, Google already has your data.

If you already filled out the survey: thank you, thank you, thank you.

If you are a bot looking to find random things to fill out across the web: don’t you have better things to do with your life? Didn’t your bot forefathers raise you right?

To everyone else: thanks and goodnight.