His Best Girlfriend – Part 2 – pre-order now

It’s done, finally! (Do I ever say anything else?) You can pre-order His Best Girlfriend – Part 2 right now on Amazon.

The book will be available on May 17th, so less than a week!

Here’s the cover! I’m excited!

Not an Amazon buyer? All good, it’ll be out on Gumroad and Kobo on May 17th (or close to it – Kobo might be a little slow). There will be a paperback version around then too.

Here’s the blurb:

Tom may have found his ideal woman; his gay best friend James, who uses ultra realistic masks and female bodysuits to become any woman Tom desires.

After their initial night of passion, Tom is looking forward to an incredible new relationship with James… until a stranger arrives, who only knows James as ‘Raquel’, a mature brunette bombshell.

Who is this man? How did he meet ‘Raquel’? Tom soon discovers that James’ secret life is more complicated – and more erotic – than he ever imagined. Secrets are revealed and fantasies explored as their multi-faceted relationship is put to the test.

From Ghostly Writer, author of the Practice to Deceive series and Her Substitute, His Best Girlfriend Part 2 is a 35,000 word erotic fantasy masking novella of M2F transformation, seduction and deception that continues directly from His Best Girlfriend.

As I say – this continues directly from His Best Girlfriend and will probably make little to no sense if you haven’t read that first. Trust me, even if the masked MILF vibes you’re feeling above make you wanna read this, read His Best Girlfriend before you jump into Part 2. Good news! You can totally get that right now. Here’s the book page for it (Amazon, Gumroad, Kobo, etc).

Want a little tease of Part 2? An amuse-bouche, as one might say if one was a pretentious type? Oh, alright then. Spoilers? Spoilers.

Spoilers ahead…

The ceiling fan turned lazily above Tom’s head as he stared upwards, the guest bed’s sheets barely covering him.

What the hell had he walked into.

He’d barely begun to wrap his head around the fact that his best friend James was able to transform himself into ‘Jessica’, a drop-dead blonde bombshell, when he learned he could also become Ms. Jenkins, his real-life math teacher from college.

Now he knew James had at least one more look available: the sexy, mature ‘Raquel’, who he could actually hear moving around, talking softly behind the wall of the guest bedroom he lay in.

About to sleep with another guy.

Weirdly, he felt kind of jealous. Then again, he didn’t own a big house like this, so he kind of understood James’ motivations.

To take his mind off things, he picked up his phone and scrolled aimlessly for a while. He didn’t feel tired, despite all the vigorous activity earlier with ‘Ms. Jenkins’ and ‘Jessica’. He figured perhaps he’d find some online porn to stroke to. A good hard-on always made him fall asleep quicker.

Behind the wall, he heard the bed creak. He tried to ignore it. A soft female giggle was followed by a masculine, deep laugh.

Probably laughing at me, he thought. The silly kid who was staying over. “Joke’s on you old man,” he muttered. “I had her first.”

He realized as he said it, he couldn’t have been first with ‘Raquel’. James was clearly screwing this guy, and had been before he’d told Tom his secret – even if it was as ‘Raquel’ and not ‘Jessica’. It felt deeply strange for him to be annoyed about that.

The bed behind the wall creaked again. “Rich as fuck, but can’t afford decent furniture,” he muttered. “Probably a cheap bastard.”

His usual porn sites weren’t turning up anything particularly interesting. He found himself going a little deeper, finding the category for ‘mature’. The first image he saw was mature alright; he felt he’d aged by ten years just by looking at it. “Ugh. Raquel, honey, you’re clearly a cut above the rest….”

His porn view was suddenly replaced by a new screen. An incoming call. An incoming video call.

From James’ number.

“What the hell….”

Nervously, he tapped to pick up. A picture quickly appeared, but it wasn’t James’ face. Or even Raquel’s or Jessica’s. It was a bedroom, viewing from a side table, but turned to a right angle. He turned his phone sideways to get oriented.

The phone was maybe ten feet away from a bed, about the same height. Lying on his back was, he assumed, the middle-aged, flabby frame of Lionel, all pale pink. Tom couldn’t quite see, but he was fairly sure the guy was stroking himself.

With only a couple of lights illuminating the room, both off-screen, Tom’s picture was grainy. But he had no trouble seeing the woman who entered the camera’s frame, appearing from the bottom of the bed, out of the dark.

At first he thought it wasn’t Raquel – then he realized it was Raquel, but she was wearing a wig, falling down to her shoulders in ringlets, darker than Raquel’s own color. Below that she wore a set of black matching lingerie, with a silk or satin babydoll top and, Tom was pretty sure, the same lace-topped stockings that Ms. Jenkins had worn earlier that evening.

“How y’all doin’ tonight,” Tom heard Raquel say, drawl in every syllable. It was a subtle difference in her voice – the same accent underneath, but broader, more southern. Once again he was impressed with Tom’s skills. “I heard someone had a tough trip home.”

“Yes,” he heard Lionel say. “The worst. But I’m here now, you little minx.”

“Finally,” she said with a smile. “I’ve missed you, darlin’. I’ve missed you so bad.”

She was on him now, crawling over his body, landing kisses all over his chest. Tom wasn’t sure whether he wanted to watch, but then as Lionel moaned and kissed her neck, Raquel looked around, directly into the camera. She grinned James’ grin, somehow breaking through the mask, the same grin Tom knew so well. A grin that told him Keep watching, buddy – this is going to get good.

Tom’s hand found his cock, unthinking.

“You’re so beautiful,” Lionel was saying. “Such a beauty, I can barely believe it.”

Raquel sat back, straddling him for a moment, letting the tresses of her dark wig fall about her shoulders. “Thank you darlin’,” she said. She raised her hands up to her breasts, grasping them beneath the thin, filmy material of the babydoll. “Did you miss these?”

“Oh yes, yes – I did,” Lionel said. “Those bounteous breasts.”

Tom almost laughed. Sure, he guessed they were ‘bounteous’ but he’d never have said that. Then again, he wasn’t of Lionel’s generation. To ensure he didn’t accidentally interrupt their foreplay, he muted his mic as he continued to watch.

Raquel outlined the form of her nipples beneath the babydoll’s material. Tom marveled again at the incredible recreation of the female form. This Lionel guy has no clue, he thought. That made him somehow hornier.

“That’s right Lionel,” he muttered, as he began to stroke himself. “You’re fucking a dude. A guy in a mask.” Something about saying those words as he watched Raquel in action made him even harder.

“Let me touch your titties,” Lionel said, reaching up to fondle her. She let him, moaning as he began to knead her breasts. Tom marveled at Tom’s acting once more, knowing his friend couldn’t feel a thing in that area.

“That feels so good baby,” Raquel said, breathing heavily. “I’ve missed your hands on me… mmm, it’s just not the same when I’m here all alone.”

“Tell me,” Lionel said, panting. “I want to hear what you’ve been doing.”

“Oh, the usual,” Raquel said. “Just keeping the place nice for you.”

“But when you’re alone,” Lionel said, insistent. “Then.”

“Then?” Raquel began to rise up and down on Lionel’s crotch. “Oh, then I have fun. You know how I like to have fun.”

“Tell me,” Lionel repeated, his voice sounding more desperate.

“Why don’t I show you,” Raquel said. Before Lionel could complain she lifted herself from him and walked away. Tom could hear – both on the call and through the wall – the sound of a drawer opening and closing. When she walked back, she was holding something in her hand.

It slapped heavily into one palm. Tom’s eyes widened.

(From Chapter 2)

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