His Best Girlfriend – Part 3: out now

His Best Girlfriend - Part 3 - cover

Finally here! It’s launch day for Part 3 of His Best Girlfriend, which (for now anyway) is the final part and the conclusion of Tom and James’ story. There are still plenty of twists and turns before the story is over though….

If you haven’t read this story from the beginning, you really want to, trust me! Start, naturally, with His Best Girlfriend, which explains how Tom first gets involved with his best friend James when he takes on the personas of a smokin’ hot babe and… well, that would be telling.

The story continues in His Best Girlfriend – Part 2, where Tom discovers many more secrets about James including how he can afford all this clever disguise stuff. It all leads to this double-sized conclusion!

Whatever your thoughts on this conclusion – or anything else – I’d love to hear them. Drop me a line via the Contact page.

His Best Girlfriend – Part 3 – ebook/paperback – on Kindle / Amazon

Read the Amazon preview above. Read an excerpt from later in the book (mild spoilers) here on the site.

His Best Girlfriend – Part 3 – Kindle ebook

His Best Girlfriend – Part 3 – print-on-demand paperback:

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