Welcome to my new mask fiction site!

Well hey there, welcome to my new mask fiction site.. and of course, my new blog. Breath in that new website smell. It’s like a mixture of cough drops and moth balls.

It’s been… oooh, about 16 years since the last time I held a mask fiction related domain, and of course, has long since vanished into the no-man’s land of inexplicably squatted-upon domain names. But who cares? Today we’re all about personal brand. Ghostly Writer dot com it is. So welcome.

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What ‘A Lie Within A Lie’ is, and what it isn’t

A Lie Within A Lie: 3D mockup, smallI’ve been a bit hesitant to write this post, but I decided in the end I needed to be honest and open. Here’s the TL;DR version:

Don’t buy A Lie Within A Lie expecting a retread of Practice to Deceive. It’s a different book with a different ‘feel’, and for some, it might not be exactly what you want. Specifically: it doesn’t contain transformation scenes from the protagonist’s point of view.

Here’s my longer thoughts. I think A Lie Within A Lie is a great story, and sexy as hell. So do my early readers (stick around for some quotes). I hope you trust me, and I hope you love the book. But, I wanted to be clear about this so no-one buys it and then screams at me for not making it obvious. (I tried to do what I could with the description, although that might have passed some by.)