Her Substitute

Darien couldn’t help but smile as he picked up the letter Ellen had written and passed it over to Jimmy, unspeaking. Then, as his friend began to read, he picked up the mask.

Beneath Ellen’s dress, hose and underwear, Darien felt himself beginning to stir as he stared into the mirror, raised the mask up to his neck, and began to press it into place.

His assignment: impersonate his sexy teacher… then seduce his best friend.

Teacher Ellen Spiller has a problem – she needs to be in two places at once. An offer of help comes from an unexpected place; her student, Darien, a young master of disguise. With a latex mask, wig, padding and the contents of Ellen’s closet, Darien will become a sexy, mature woman for a whole week.

What Ellen doesn’t know is that Darien has hidden desires, as well as a hidden agenda. Now he’s taken over Ellen’s life, he will use her face and her body – and perhaps other personas too – to seduce anyone she likes….

A rewrite and expansion of the classic short story The Substitute by Vic G (created with the original author’s permission), Her Substitute is the latest erotic mask fiction novel by Ghostly Writer, author of Practice to Deceive and A Lie Within A Lie.

Her Substitute explores the fantasies of anyone who has wished to become another person, to experience another gender, or simply to enjoy the pleasures of femininity. With Ghostly Writer’s trademark attention to detail, strong characterization and compelling prose, Her Substitute is an erotic experience to be savored.


Features male to female crossdressing, multiple impersonations, extensive disguises, smoking scenes and sexual situations.

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Ghostly Writer captures the female masking element perfectly, going into extensive detail regarding his deeply Darien has studied his prey, and describing every aspect of the transformation. As far-fetched as the scenario seems at first glance, he really makes you believe that it might be plausible, if not necessarily possible.

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Her Substitute - female mask fiction novel by Ghostly Writer

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Her Substitute - female mask fiction novel by Ghostly Writer

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