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Seeing is Deceiving: Paperback live

Seeing is Deceiving is now live in paperback. As in, you can buy it. Right now. And apparently have it in your hot little hands by Wednesday, at least here in the US, with Prime, etc etc.

Seeing is Deceiving paperback
It’ll look something like this. Trust me, it’s big

Damn, Amazon is on a tear. Trying to impress someone?

Anyway, you’d think after doing this for so long I’d know all the stuff but no! This being the first time I’ve actually had a paperback of a book available/submitted at the same time as the ebook, it’s the first time I’ve found out that the paperback can get processed this quick and can go on sale earlier than the pre-order!

Er, whoops?


Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order is live!

Seeing is Deceiving mockups - ereader, phone, paperback
Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order your Kindle copy now

Well, that was quick (kinda).

The pre-order for the Kindle version of Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is live now. Go go go go! After pre-ordering the book will drop onto your Kindle on Monday, January 30th. (Phew. Just in under the wire for the month.)

I say that was ‘quick’ because between the time I uploaded the file and I had finished with the paperback version, voila! The pre-order popped up. Pretty quick, Amazon. In, uh, stark contrast to me.

Wait, you’re still here? You have questions? Right, right. Let’s hear them, reader of my imagination.


The One I Want – Kindle edition now live

Cover to The One I Want by Ghostly Writer
The One I Want

Yay, The One I Want is now available for Kindle e-readers via, and and all the other countries.

It is still also available on Gumroad, if you’re okay with a PDF and don’t mind slightly different formatting. As this is a novella rather than a novel, I’d totally get that choice. Also, you can save a couple of bucks on Gumroad vs. the ‘Zon, to make my cut from the sale a bit more in my favor.

Frankly though I’ll be happy if you just buy it anywhere. And I’d love to hear what you thought! Drop a comment here, send me an email there, whatever you like, it’s all good.

Of course, if you do purchase on Amazon a review is HIGHLY desirable. I will be your best pal forever if you leave one.



The One I Want on Kindle, and then?

Just pushed the button to submit The One I Want to the Kindle store. As mentioned it’s going to be a buck more over there, mostly to cover Amazon’s higher fees. If you want to save a buck and gimme a little higher share, Gumroad is still available as an option.

The One I Want Kindle
Oooh, oooh, oooh – honey.

With Amazon’s usual checking procedures hopefully The One I Want will be live over there inside a day or two, worst mid-week. I’ll post again when it’s up.

As usual it’s published worldwide, so you should be able to see it in a store that works for you; if you don’t, please let me know so I can investigate.

Oh, it’s ebook only btw. I don’t think it’d be big enough to be a paperback. If you prefer a printed form, best option is to pick it up at Gumroad and print it yourself (you have both Letter and A4 paper options to choose from too, fancy).


On pricing Her Substitute

Big topic, this. I’ve thought long and hard about pricing over the years (Yep, it’s been years – Practice to Deceive came out in 2013) and in the end, I’ve decided that a combination of my speed, my genre/niche and my sales all point to one thing: I’m pricing a little too low. Let me explain a bit.

The perceived wisdom on self-pubbed Kindle sales is to price at $2.99 and churn out fiction fast. That might work if you’re writing ‘vanilla’ erotica – and even, honestly, niche stuff, to a degree – but when you have an even smaller audience, it doesn’t work so great. At some point I’ll do a real sales post, but for now, let’s use made-up numbers. Say I sell 10 books a month at $1 each (this is purely for ease of math!). I’d make $7 off those sales, Amazon takes $3. In an ideal world I continue to sell 10 books a month continuously, and I have an income stream. I write more, expand catalogue, and $7 a month becomes $70 a month (10 books) becomes $700 (100 books!) and then somehow, I’m rich.

Except, it doesn’t work that way.

In three years of sales on Practice to Deceive, I’ve probably made a few hundred bucks. Now, I can always reach more people, for sure, and I work to do that through marketing, etc. But, given the subject matter (specifically using masks vs the more ‘traditional’ transgender approach), I’ve got inherent limitations on my audience size. You wonderful folk.

When I first launched Practice to Deceive I’m pretty sure I priced it at $7.99. After a while, seeing all of these people insist that you had to price at $2.99, I dropped to that number. Here’s the thing: sales didn’t change. So, eventually, I settled on $4.99. It’s been that way since.

When I was finishing up A Lie Within A Lie, which is about 30,000 words longer than Practice to Deceive (so, about 150K) I was worried about the price. I was also kind of worried about the subject matter (see this post). It had been a while since I’d launched a book, so I was feeling nervous. In the end I decided to split the book in two, with the first part priced at the ‘must-price’ $2.99 level, and the second at $6.99. Total, $9.98. If I’d launched at that number for one book, I feel confident I’d have gotten complaints, or sales would have suffered. As it was, the pricing seems to work. Sales are pretty equal on both parts, which means pleasingly, people generally seem to want to read the second part after they read the first.

Which leads me to the inevitable conclusion that yep, I can price higher than $2.99 for sure, and make more from less books. (This doesn’t mean I intend to write less, but my output isn’t going to go from one, two books a year to 10 overnight.)

Her Smile, by Ghostly WriterI tell you all this because frankly, I’m price sensitive on your behalf. I am personally always looking at my word and page counts, wondering to myself if the price seems ‘worth it’. But, I’ve sat by for way too long seeing many, many transgender ‘novels’ debut on Kindle with a sub-50 page count, for $2.99. (By contrast my only sub-50 page piece, Her Smile, is only 99c – the cheapest you can sell on Amazon.)

By any measure, compared to that, $4.99 for 262 pages for Her Substitute is really a bargain. (Let’s not start comparing with the real world either. Kindle books are regularly priced above that from ‘real’ publishers and of course, what does $5 get you these days? Not much, and I would certainly argue, it’s damn good dollar-to-hour entertainment value.)

As you can tell, this is something I’ve thought about a lot. I’m completely, utterly aware that if I ever want to make ‘serious’ money writing, I’ve got to up my output considerably. As I work on that however, I’ve got to remain sensitive to pricing, and to what the market – ie you – is willing to pay for.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent. As always, feel free to leave a comment below, or email me directly via the contact page.

We now return you to our scheduled smut, already in progress.