Her Substitute extract: the bathroom

Hey everyone. Here’s your first extract from Her Substitute, on sale February 1st on Amazon worldwide as a Kindle ebook, and shortly thereafter for a limited time as a PDF/epub format book on Gumroad. (Links available when I have them.)

For those of you who remember Vic’s original story, this was one of my favorite scenes. Our young master of disguise, Darien, is experiencing his first day at school while dressed as Ellen Spiller… and nature calls. What could have been an ordinary (even pedestrian) scene in the teacher’s bathroom was made erotic and exciting in Vic’s original, and I did my best to embellish and elaborate while keeping the original feel intact.

Of course, SPOILERS if you haven’t read Vic’s original story… and if you want to experience the book for the first time on Wednesday.

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From Her Substitute, by Ghostly Writer – Chapter Two

Jimmy looked at the door with its combination lock and female sign. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Darien hissed. “I’ve had three cups of coffee today, plus a glass of iced tea during lunch. I kind of need to get rid of it all!”

“Well just – don’t let anyone see – you know,” Jimmy mumbled.

Darien wondered if Jimmy realized what the inside of a women’s restroom looked like. “Yes, dear. Now get going, you don’t want to be late for Mrs. Talavera’s class.”

Jimmy walked off and Darien stepped into the restroom after punching in the code. Every stall was empty once more, so he selected the one furthest from the door and locked himself inside.

He was glad to be alone, but had no time to celebrate; if he didn’t get out of his confining clothes soon, he was in real danger of having a messy accident. “Christ, why didn’t I wear some panty liners,” he muttered to himself.

Quickly he unzipped his skirt and slid out of it, avoiding any dirt or snags on his boot heels. After hanging the skirt on the stall door’s single hook, he carefully rolled down his hose and dropped his panties.

He’d only just begun. The layers that gave him his female curves were next, starting with the bodyshaper and corset. He realized as he began to breath normally again that perhaps his padded girdle, which shaped his hips and gave him the ‘fine ass’ that Tony Kincer lusted after, could be put on over the corset and save him valuable seconds. He had no time to debate that though – off came the girdle, being placed on the toilet seat behind him.

Finally he was free – well, not quite. His gaff was carefully pulled down, releasing his cock and balls into the air for the first time since early that morning. Within a second he was sat on the toilet, allowing himself to finally release. He groaned aloud, maintaining Ellen’s voice just in case.

He’d been thinking about this moment ever since fourth period – when he’d started to realize he’d have to pee at some point, but also when he’d seen the look in Tony Kincer’s eyes. A look of complete and total lust. Tony wanted Ellen Spiller, that much was obvious… but for the first time ever, Darien thought… Tony could have Ellen Spiller. Because Darien was in control, now. If Darien decided it… Ellen would do it.

He looked down at his cock, realizing that his hand was stroking it, almost unconsciously. No, not his hand, he thought. His hand didn’t have elegant, long, red fingernails on it. His hand did not wear a fabulous diamond engagement ring. That was Ellen’s hand – as if Ellen herself was reaching back to him, encouraging him, exciting him.

If Darien decided it, he thought, Ellen would do it. His hand began to stroke himself, beginning to establish a rhythm. His mind tumbled back to that morning, as he saw himself in Ellen’s mirror, looking into his eyes for one last moment before he pressed a new, latex face over his own. He saw Ellen’s hands, delicately applying makeup to her new face, smiling at him, happy with the effect she was having on him. He remembered the first touch of the silk, nylon and cotton from her closets he now wore; the fire-red shade of her lipstick, enticing and arousing; the smell of her perfume, lingering around her neck. He had everything of hers now. Her name. Her face. Her voice. Her entire life. In every way, he was Ellen Janette Spiller.

He felt Ellen’s other hand rise up, caressing her face once more, reassuring him that this was really happening, that his disguise remained perfect. Her fingertips stroked his throat as he let her head fall back, her beautiful blonde hair caressing his shoulders. He turned her head from side to side, feeling more than ever that he was her, that he would always be her. Let Ellen stay in Barbados, he thought. He would take over her life, would continue to maintain this illusion. Ellen would remain perfect forever, a mask he would never remove.

Ellen was within him now, overwhelming him with her lust. She wanted nothing more than for him to come, to explode from within, and she began to pump him even harder and faster. He opened his mouth and her voice came from inside, a soft moan that began to grow louder and louder – until she stopped him, bringing him back under control.

“I am Ellen,” he said, hearing her voice. “I am Ellen, I am Ellen… oh God yes….”

Suddenly Jimmy was in his mind, sitting on the stairs, watching Darien become Ellen. Jimmy’s adorable, confused face was reflected in a compact mirror, next to the mask of Ellen’s perfect face, her makeup only missing one thing – lipstick. Ellen’s hand moved faster and faster as she made Darien remember that moment, that beautiful moment when she had slowly, sensually applied her lipstick, then erotically smoked a cigarette, knowing full well that Jimmy imagined his cock was in her hands. In his mind Ellen was in control now, endlessly applying her lipstick as Jimmy watched, excited but confused, knowing that this gorgeous woman before him wasn’t a woman at all, but was better than that – a woman who knew exactly what Jimmy wanted, who had desired him for so long, who wanted nothing more than to please him…

And now Jimmy was coming closer, closing his eyes, opening his mouth, accepting Ellen for what she was – his perfect woman, a perfect illusion, a perfect disguise for his best friend Darien –

Jimmy’s perfect brown eyes were staring into Darien’s as Ellen made him come in Darien’s hand, rocking him back, hitting him with a force he’d never experienced before. Darien passed out for a moment, then came to, stunned that no-one was pounding on the door, wondering what the noise could be. He relaxed for a moment, breathing heavily, looking down at the blouse he still wore, the breasts he still had. Feminine boots still covered the bottom of his hose, panties and girdle, but from his thighs to his waist, he was a teenage boy.

Break time was over, he thought.

After cleaning himself up with toilet paper – and noting the semen stain on the bottom of Ellen’s blouse that he’d need to get cleaned – he pulled his gaff carefully back into place, then panties and hose. He struggled into the padded girdle, tightened the corset and smoothed out the bodyshaper once more. Finally he stepped back into Ellen’s skirt, zipped it up and tucked in the blouse, ensuring the small wet patch was nowhere to be seen.

Slowly, he opened the stall door, checking he was still alone, a male intruder in a women’s restroom. He saw Ellen’s face staring back at him from the mirror across the room, looking nervous. He allowed her to smile back at him reassuringly. She still looked great, he thought.

He stepped closer to the mirror, turning his masked face back and forth to ensure there was no damage from his ‘exertions’. The mask was still intact, but his makeup needed a little work. Pulling everything he needed from Ellen’s purse, he worked quickly and efficiently, and within minutes Ellen looked exactly as she had earlier that day.

“Thank you, Ellen,” he whispered. “Both for being the sexiest teacher at Stevenson… and the most accommodating woman I could ask to be.”

He pulled a cigarette from Ellen’s purse and held it delicately, admiring Ellen’s poise. “Still stunning,” he said in her voice. “Tony and Jimmy don’t stand a chance.”

Chuckling quietly, Darien strolled out of the restroom and towards the teacher’s lounge. As he relaxed with a cup of coffee and a cigarette, he thought about that evening, about Jimmy and about Tony. One way or the other, he thought… soon he would know what it would be like to fully seduce a boy as Ellen… or, if Ellen wasn’t up to the task – Darien had other identities available to him.

He smiled to himself, relaxed in his new identity, hidden in plain sight amongst the adults.

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