Practice to Deceive

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He was lost in his fantasy. Billy Merrill, master of disguise… he imagined a camera was moving around him, capturing every moment, as he completed his transformation without cuts, without trick shots or editing.

He groaned again as he moved his fingers downward, smoothing out wrinkles, tracing the outline of his mother’s features as they covered his own, subsuming his identity.

An absent mother, a crossdressing boy, an empty house. Will practice make perfect?

When Linda leaves town for business, her son Billy is left to house-sit. He doesn’t stay alone for long, though – Linda soon returns, thanks to a flawless latex mask and Billy’s mastery of disguise. Now Billy has an entire week to spend alone, masquerading as his mature, sexy mother… what could possibly go wrong?

Practice to Deceive is a 129,000 word (436 pages – Kindle page count) erotic transgender novel featuring crossdressing, masks, disguise, impersonation and deception. If you have ever wanted to become someone else… if you have ever wondered what your life would be like with another face… if the idea of impersonating another has ever excited you… Practice to Deceive will not disappoint.


Features male to female crossdressing, impersonation, extensive disguises and sexual situations.

Reviews for Practice to Deceive

You know a book is good when you finish reading it not only in one sitting, but after you finish it you decide to read it a second time; to enjoy the subtleties and small details you might have missed the first time around…. I wholeheartedly recommend this book. For anybody who not only enjoys masking stories, but also well-crafted erotic literature.

– E.A., reviewer

It’s just a really, REALLY good book. It’s the first erotic fiction book I’ve read, but believe me when I say that nothing could top this book as a first impression.

– Reviewer

Practice To Deceive is a rare treasure: a story that is not only erotic, but thoughtfully so, exploring Billy’s motivations for acquiring a perfect mask of his mother’s face, as well as how he feels to take her place and have perfect strangers treat him as her.

– B.L., reviewer

I was looking for a lot out of this, and came away from the first few chapters with some significant expectations, and I am delighted to say that Practice to Deceive not only delivered, but did so in ways that honestly amazed me. This is a story to which any crossdresser can relate, and which any masking aficionado will appreciate.

– Sally Bend, Bending the Bookshelf

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