His Best Girlfriend: out now

His Best Girlfriend banner

Yep; as the title gives away, His Best Girlfriend is out now. Here are all the links, including to the new kid on the block, Kobo!

(Updated March 6th to include links to the paperback.)

His Best Girlfriend ebook – on Amazon

Amazon embed – read the preview here

Kindle ebook:

Print-on-demand paperback:

His Best Girlfriend PDF – on Gumroad

FYI – this is formatted for printing, in either Letter (US/Canada) or A4 (Europe/Asia) sized paper. Your choice.

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His Best Girlfriend ebook – on Kobo

Yep, I’m on Kobo now. Kobo supports a number of countries that Amazon doesn’t and provides an ebook file you can use on their reader.

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His Best Girlfriend: pre-order live

February was productive, folks. The pre-order for His Best Girlfriend is now live on Amazon. It’ll be available on March 4th, this Saturday (US time).

Here’s the cover. If you’re into this kind of woman… you’ll like the book.

Cover to His Best Girlfriend
His Best Girlfriend cover.

Here’s the blurb:

What if you discovered your best friend could transform into your fantasy woman – or any woman you might desire?

Tom wasnโ€™t looking to hook up when he walked into the bar that night, but then he met Jessica, a curvaceous blonde with crystal blue eyes and a sultry voice. He thought heโ€™d gotten lucky, until Jessica revealed that beneath an ultra realistic mask, wig and elaborate disguiseโ€ฆ she was actually Tomโ€™s best friend, James.

How did James transform himself into this stunning woman? What does he have planned for Tom? And will Tom be able to handle the truth about Jamesโ€™ secret life? Find out in His Best Girlfriend, a rewrite of the classic masking short story by Val (written and published with the original author’s permission).

As I point out at the end, in a similar vein to Her Substitute, Her Best Girlfriend is a rewrite/expansion of the original story by Val (who has given his thumbs-up on the final product).

If you’ve read the original, you probably know it’s one of the hottest masking short stories out there. I did my best to add some chrome on this already gleaming story.

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Seeing is Deceiving is live everywhere

Seeing is Deceiving available now in every format
Out. Goddamn. Now.

New here? Seeing is Deceiving is a sequel. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you start with the first book, Practice to Deceive.

It’s here! Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is now live everywhere that it’s gonna be (for now at least), so here’s the linkage:

On Kindle:

In paperback via Amazon:

And last but not least, in PDF format (basically the print proof) via Gumroad.

If you wanna see into the fetid mind of your author on launch day, read on.

I wouldn’t blame you if you tap out. But there’s a nice ending.


Seeing is Deceiving PDF live

Want to read Seeing is Deceiving? Don’t want to use Amazon and/or don’t want a Kindle ready copy? Here’s a PDF.

That’s it. That’s the whole post.

Cover for Seeing is Deceiving
Seeing is Deceiving
Book extract

Extract from Seeing is Deceiving

Hey all. With just a couple of days to go before the release of Seeing is Deceiving, I figured I owed you one extract, at least!

This is, as you might imagine, spoiler-packed. This book in particular has a lot of twists and turns right from the start, so if you want to preserve the surprises… move right along and pre-order the book.

Still with me? Let’s have a spoiler-filled peek.

Book extract News

Seeing is Deceiving: Paperback live

Seeing is Deceiving is now live in paperback. As in, you can buy it. Right now. And apparently have it in your hot little hands by Wednesday, at least here in the US, with Prime, etc etc.

Seeing is Deceiving paperback
It’ll look something like this. Trust me, it’s big

Damn, Amazon is on a tear. Trying to impress someone?

Anyway, you’d think after doing this for so long I’d know all the stuff but no! This being the first time I’ve actually had a paperback of a book available/submitted at the same time as the ebook, it’s the first time I’ve found out that the paperback can get processed this quick and can go on sale earlier than the pre-order!

Er, whoops?


Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order is live!

Seeing is Deceiving mockups - ereader, phone, paperback
Seeing is Deceiving: Pre-order your Kindle copy now

Well, that was quick (kinda).

The pre-order for the Kindle version of Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is live now. Go go go go! After pre-ordering the book will drop onto your Kindle on Monday, January 30th. (Phew. Just in under the wire for the month.)

I say that was ‘quick’ because between the time I uploaded the file and I had finished with the paperback version, voila! The pre-order popped up. Pretty quick, Amazon. In, uh, stark contrast to me.

Wait, you’re still here? You have questions? Right, right. Let’s hear them, reader of my imagination.

News Progress Report

So that was 2022

At this time of year – still 2022 around these parts – it’s tempting to do one of those retrospective doohickeys, you know, look back at all the great words that were written in your blog.

But we know better than that, don’t we? We do. It’s not like I have a lot of blog entries to peruse. So while 2022 started in what I felt was a positive way, it’s ended in a sort of… medium way. But better than it could have, for sure, because…

I finished the edit

Yes thank GOD, I finished the edit on Seeing is Deceiving, AKA Practice to Deceive 2. HURRAH. Yes, your next mask fiction novel is inbound.

Yes, it’s done. Also, follow me on possibly the only social network I give a shit about any more: @ghostlywriteruk

Honestly the editing felt like more of a drag than the writing at times, but it’s done and even better, I recently invested in some new software that should help me get the book formatted and ready for publication quicker than ever. So that’s next! No, it won’t be out today (ha!) but I have a good feeling about January. I really do!

It’s a big book (surprise, surprise) and it took way too fucking long but it’s done. So yay! That’s coming closer. It’s real. Itshappening.gif.

Also, let’s be real

I have to remind myself that despite publishing one thing in 2022 and finishing one other thing, that was, in fact, more productive than I’ve been in years.

And I know that I’ve said this before, but man, 2022 sucked in a few very specific ways (and is, in fact, still sucky in some) so the fact that anything came out is good.

What’s up for 2023?

As always, I have plans. As always, they may not come to fruition! But it’s good to have plans.

First thing, obbbbbviously, is publishing Seeing is Deceiving. It will be on Amazon; it will be on Gumroad (and maybe elsewhere) as a PDF and/or other file for those who aren’t Amazon friendly. It will be a paperback for the two of you who want to buy a physical copy.

Then – honestly, unsure. I’ve got thoughts. I’ve got ideas. We’ll see which way the muse takes me. Hopefully roughly and from behind.

That’ll do! Gonna go off and (gasp) work on formatting the book. Woo!

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to surviving 2023.


Book extract Progress Report

Merry Christmas, I got you… err…

Well, not a whole lot. Some words?

Yep, it’s Christmas Eve and nope, the book isn’t finished (editing wise). It’s closer! It gets closer. But it won’t be out this year.

Next year? 99.9% sure. I mean, I could be hit by a bus.

However, I do have a little something. It’s really not much! At all! But it’s something and hey, if I don’t drop it here it’s going nowhere else because: it’s a cut scene.

Literally until this week, this (small) scene was in the draft. And then for reasons I won’t bore you with (right now; I reserve the right to bore you later), it got cut. It ain’t going back in. It’s just never going to happen in the book. So you might as well get it here, eh?

Regardless of the fact this scene isn’t going in the book, it’s still full of spoilers for reasons you’ll see.

Sooo SPOILERS AHEAD. You will spoil stuff about the book if you read beyond this point, regardless of it not being in the book. Trust me.