Progress Report

More ALWAL progress… and my guess at a release date

Well, the wall has been scaled, at least partially.

I’m entering into the home stretch with editing of A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy, now down to less than 20K to go. I’m pretty pleased with what I’m seeing, as well. I’m aiming to get as much of this cranked out this weekend, and then it’ll be down to the final tasks.

Fingers crossed, I’d like to be done next week. I think I may put another pre-order up, and if I can, just for my own sense of weird symmetry, might aim to have the book on-sale on May 14th or 15th. An even month from the original’s release.

Editing the novel has reminded me of what I put in the book, too (It can be easy to forget!). It’s broader than I remember. There’s M2F masking, as you know, but there’s also a bunch of other variants. Without spoiling things, you can expect some M2M and even F2F. For anyone who thought A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer was too focused on one specific kind of masking, the sequel might change your mind. It’s definitely got variance. And quite a lot of kinkiness too, I feel.

Right, back to it. More to come!

Progress Report

Progress on A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy

As you might have seen, I’ve stated that A Lie Within A Lie is one complete 150,000 word story over two books. As you also probably know, I’m editing ALWAL Part 2 – The Spyright now. What you might not realize is that The Spy is double the length of The Singer, so it’s a big mountain.

I’m about half-way up that mountain right now. I’ll be honest, I thought I was further along, but I looked up at the cliff face this morning and realized that yep, still plenty of mountain to climb.

It’s going to be interesting to see people’s reactions to this book. It takes the plot in some interesting directions after The Singer, and I hope you have plenty of things to say about it when it’s done!

Speaking of when it’s done, which I know you all want to know… I’m hoping, fingers crossed, to have this out in May. I’d love to get it out before May 14th, so a month since The Singer was released, but… can’t say for sure. I’ve lost some time due to illness this month, but I’m trying to focus now and git ‘er done for you. Fingers crossed…

… and back to it.