His Best Girlfriend – Part 3 – Excerpt

Excerpt (Chapter 8)

This excerpt is from over half-way through the book, therefore there are clearly SPOILERS below (but minor ones, really). Dressed as the knockout blond ‘Jessica’ who Tom first hooked up with in Part 1, James has led Tom back to the house owned by Lionel, and is now showing Tom the ‘inner sanctum’ – his closet full of masks and disguise materials.

Again, spoiler warning…

Tom didn’t know where to look first.

The full bodysuits were the most obvious, stunning thing: several of them, hanging on hooks on the opposite wall, like empty sets of female skin under plastic. One he immediately recognized as Ms. Jenkins; the other he assumed had to be Raquel. An empty hanger probably held Jessica’s body.

“Those are just what I’ve been using recently,” James said through Jessica’s face. “There are others in storage.”

“Wow,” was all Tom managed. “This must cost….”

“Don’t ask,” James said, laughing. “Want the tour?”

“Damn right.”

Jessica turned like a spokesmodel, presenting the dressing table nearby. “My base of operations.” Ringed with lights, it was covered with makeup and beauty supplies that continued to bewilder Tom. In the center of the chaos was a head form, plain and unadorned.

“That’s where you store – uh -”

“It holds a mask, yes,” Jessica said, smiling at Tom’s slight discomfort.

“Looks a little naked,” Tom said, feeling foolish. 

“I can… fix that if you want,” Jessica said. She reached her arms up behind her head. “If you’re okay with it?”

Tom nodded. “I doubt I’ll ever get tired of watching this.”

Jessica smiled. “I’ll hold you to that.”

“You like doing it too, don’t you?”

She paused, nodded. “I do. Even more in front of you. I didn’t really realize that until today.”

“Should I take a seat?”

Jessica shook her head. “I have a better idea.” She turned and walked to a full-length mirror in the corner of the room. “Come here.” Tom approached, intrigued. “Behind me,” Jessica ordered.

Tom moved behind her, smelling her perfume once more, wanting to bury his face in her blond hair, to kiss, suck and bite at her neck, but he restrained himself.

Jessica looked at her reflection and smiled coyly. “Pull up my dress.”

Tom obliged, tugging the already short hemline up over Jessica’s plump ass and exposing James’ cock and balls, projecting from Jessica’s pussy.

“Oh,” Jessica said, eyes widening. “How did that get there?”

Tom smiled, knowing now what he was being asked to do. He reached around Jessica’s body and grasped James’ cock, giving it a slow stroke. It was semi-hard already, but needed some encouragement. Jessica’s eyes closed and she leaned back into Tom’s frame, purring in pleasure.

“Are you ready for me?” The voice that came from her throat was James’, not Jessica’s.

“Very,” Tom said.

With a barely discernible shudder, Jessica reached her hands up to behind her head. Tom could see her fingertips in close up, watching as the nails parted her hair, digging for her ‘skin’. They went all the way to the scalp, stroking and scratching until they found a near-invisible seam. The edge of the lacquered nail dug in, making Tom wince – but Jessica didn’t make a sound.

The back of Jessica’s head split open with a soft, wet sound, adhesive separating. Tom watched in amazement as the skin was tugged apart, Jessica’s fingers finding the edges.

“Bye bye for now,” Jessica’s voice said.

With a soft moan, her fingers stretched and distorted her skin at the back of her head. As the skin separated Tom could see shorter hair revealed beneath, hidden under a wig cap, emerging from the blond mass of hair that made up Jessica’s wig.

In the mirror Jessica’s face was deforming, collapsing into shadows and strange curves, becoming inhuman. Her eyes widened and then snapped back into their shape as they detached; her lips opened erotically, then closed like a fulfilled promise. In a few seconds, Tom wasn’t seeing a stretched, elongated version of Jessica’s face but instead the rubber recreation James had made, as the mask was fully removed.

Almost without thinking, Tom stroked James’ cock faster and harder, utterly aroused by witnessing this transformation in real time. Jessica responded, her moans continuing, changing, deepening until, as the mask flopped forward, Tom heard James’ own tones becoming dominant.

Then James’ head came into view, emerging from the cocoon of latex he’d constructed, as he straightened up and held Jessica’s face in his hand.

Tom took the mirror image in all at once. The absolute femininity of Jessica’s curvaceous body, with the tight lines of the bodycon dress accentuating her breasts. The long, sexy legs with their nearly-nude stockings, still standing before him in incredible high heels. On top of it all, the smiling, reddened face of James, the blue eyes of Jessica sparkling in his face, as he grinned at Tom’s steady pumping on his cock.

“Did you like that?” James said in the mirror.

Tom let go of James, turned him around and gave him a deep kiss, making it clear how much he loved it. “Promise me you’ll do that a lot more in the future.”

James held up Jessica’s face, putting his hand inside the mask, turning it from side to side. “We really owe her a lot,” he said. “I mean, imagine if I walked into that bar and you didn’t think she was attractive.”

“Are you kidding me? She’s a knockout.”

“True, and I was pretty sure a blond with big tits couldn’t fail… but you never know.”

“Well,” Tom said, “I would be proud to go anywhere with Jessica on my arm.”

James sank into Tom’s arms, sighing contentedly. “That’s so good to hear.”

“Of course, I’d be proud to go anywhere with any face you might wear… or even if you’re not wearing anything.”

“In the nude?” James said, chuckling. 

“You know what I mean,” Tom said, kissing him again. James said nothing, but held him tighter for a moment. “Anyway,” Tom added, “can we really say you’re naked, wearing all that?”

James took a step back, looking down at his female clothes and body. “No, I guess not.” Then he casually hiked the dress he wore up and over his head, tossing it to one side. Jessica’s incredible body was fully revealed.

“Look familiar?” he asked, as all he had left on were the nearly nude stockings and ‘fuck me’ pumps.

“Amazing,” Tom said. “I have to say though, I want to see more.”

“Believe me, I want to show you more.”

James took Tom by the hand and led him to another corner of the closet, swinging open a door to reveal his collection of shoes. He removed the pumps from his feet and put them back as Tom looked over the selection. “See anything you like?”

Tom grinned. “A lot.”

“Maybe you could pick something out for me. Or rather, for whoever I’ll be next.”

Continued in His Best Girlfriend – Part 3 – on sale September 19th 2023