A Lie Within A Lie – now in paperback, PDF, Kobo

Promo image for A Lie Within A Lie's release in paperback, PDF and Kobo

I finally did the work and re-formatted A Lie Within A Lie – both books – into nice paperback, PDF and Kobo formats.

Since 2016 (ahem) both books have mostly1 been available for sale on Amazon only, which is dumb because I am dumb, but hey, they’re available now, finally.

If you’ve never read A Lie Within A Lie, it’s a multi-layered story of deception, female impersonation and much more. M2F masking, F2F masking, even a little M2M! They’re my best reviewed books – including quotes like these…

“A true masterpiece of erotic masking fiction”

Sally Bend, Bending the Bookshelf

“… seamlessly blending erotica and fetishism with thrill and intrigue to weave a spellbinding tale of deception and dark desire where nothing is ever what it seems!”

– Amazon Customer

If you’ve never read A Lie Within A Lie, I hope you enjoy – and as always, a rating and/or a review is deeply appreciated.

  1. Okay strictly speaking I put them live on Gumroad for about half a minute years ago, but that’s all. The three people who own copies from that period can get revised and updated spiffy PDFs from the same download link. ↩︎