Early buyers get the, er, book

A Lie Within A Lie - The Spy - female mask fiction novelThanks to the wonders of a global internet, in some parts of the world A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy is out! In Australia, for example, where you can buy it now. For me in the US, there’s about ten, twelve more hours before it’s officially available.

If you haven’t pre-ordered – please do it now! Why? Because every pre-order counts as a day one sale, and the more day one sales I get, the more likely I am to register in the sales charts. The higher I am in the charts, the more people see it… and you get the idea. You’d be surprised how high you can register in the charts for a niche piece of fiction like this.

Last time A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer charted at No. 14 in the charts (I can’t remember which specific sub-chart, but whatever). But I’m greedy! So satisfy my shameless desires, thanks…!

I spent time today bashing out the first installment of whatever it is I’m writing for newsletter subscribers. I actually quite like what I got down, even though it’s 180 degrees removed from the thing I thought I was going to write earlier in the week. Still; I hope you like it. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter yet, you should! You’ll get free fiction, zero spam and probably secret stuff I won’t share here on the blog. Like my banana bread recipe. I kid, I can’t bake for shit. Anyway, if you haven’t subscribed, you can here:

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That’ll do for now. Let me know in the comments if you grab The Spy!




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  1. robyn hoode Avatar
    robyn hoode

    Got it last night just after midnight in the UK 🙂 Obviously not finished yet, but started, and intrigued by the machinations of Ethan’s step-sister.


    1. gw Avatar

      Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think, and leave a review if you can. 🙂

  2. hvk6589 Avatar

    I purchased the Kindle Edition and I read all the weekend. I just couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I really love M2F, F2F, and M2M masking stories and this book didn’t disappoint.

    Will there be a sequel for ALWAL ?
    Are you working on any other masking stories ?

    1. gw Avatar

      Thank you so much! Did you leave the latest Amazon review? If so thanks! 🙂

      I have no current plans for a sequel but ‘never say never’. If I come up with an amazing idea to continue it, who knows?

      Of course I’m working on other stuff. You’ll see more books this year for sure!

  3. Dmitri Avatar