His Best Girlfriend: out now

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Yep; as the title gives away, His Best Girlfriend is out now. Here are all the links, including to the new kid on the block, Kobo!

(Updated March 6th to include links to the paperback.)

His Best Girlfriend ebook – on Amazon

Amazon embed – read the preview here

Kindle ebook:

Print-on-demand paperback:

His Best Girlfriend PDF – on Gumroad

FYI – this is formatted for printing, in either Letter (US/Canada) or A4 (Europe/Asia) sized paper. Your choice.

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His Best Girlfriend ebook – on Kobo

Yep, I’m on Kobo now. Kobo supports a number of countries that Amazon doesn’t and provides an ebook file you can use on their reader.

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Seeing is Deceiving is live everywhere

Seeing is Deceiving available now in every format
Out. Goddamn. Now.

New here? Seeing is Deceiving is a sequel. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you start with the first book, Practice to Deceive.

It’s here! Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is now live everywhere that it’s gonna be (for now at least), so here’s the linkage:

On Kindle:

In paperback via Amazon:

And last but not least, in PDF format (basically the print proof) via Gumroad.

If you wanna see into the fetid mind of your author on launch day, read on.

I wouldn’t blame you if you tap out. But there’s a nice ending.