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Out. Goddamn. Now.

New here? Seeing is Deceiving is a sequel. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you start with the first book, Practice to Deceive.

It’s here! Seeing is Deceiving, the sequel to Practice to Deceive, is now live everywhere that it’s gonna be (for now at least), so here’s the linkage:

On Kindle:

In paperback via Amazon:

And last but not least, in PDF format (basically the print proof) via Gumroad.

If you wanna see into the fetid mind of your author on launch day, read on.

I wouldn’t blame you if you tap out. But there’s a nice ending.

You know what’s weird?

Launch days are weird.

First, they don’t come often enough (“WE KNOW” – reader at back), so I’m not used to them. You know I’m not putting out content on a regular schedule. So every launch day is weird and different.

Between now and even the last thing I launched, I’ve changed Real Life Jobs, so I’m now ignoring a wholly different company to write this. Between now and the thing-before-that, I moved (and bought!) a house, so I’m not even experiencing this in the same physical space as I may once have.

Which isn’t exactly news. It’s called time, people.

That said, launch days are particularly weird when you’re me, or indeed I’d imagine, anyone else writing Very Specific Erotica For A Niche Audience Under A Pseudonym.


  • Literally no-one one person who knows me as, well, me, knows this happened.

I exclude two people (who know who they are) who know who I am, but I haven’t met. And since I wrote that bullet point I amended to say that one person does know – but said person isn’t even really in this ‘sphere’, but instead shares an overlapping-but-not-quite-relevant kink with me. (Zentai. Surprise!)

So you know, the number of people texting me to say “Hey man, saw the book launched, congrats!” is (currently) zero. The number of people leaving a thumbs-up on a Facebook post (or tweet, or whatever) is zero (and will remain at zero). Hell even my actual, real, paid for with my own money book coach doesn’t know. (He coaches me outside of this arena, as you might imagine. No, I haven’t asked him how to write better mask fiction. Yes, I am available for a reasonable fee.)

As a result, well, I’m pretty much alone with me myself and I. The fingers and the keyboard. The blinking cursor and the words that magically appear on this screen.

Which kinda sucks, you know?

But it’s what I’ve chosen. It’s what I do. It’s not what I’ll only do, forever. I fully intend to publish books that won’t have a pseudonym on them (or at least, not that pseudonym).

You won’t know about them. Well, most of you won’t. So you won’t even be able to congratulate me for that.

Like I said: weird.

Also because:

  • Fucking algorithms.

This is obvious, but still, it’s a fucking thing and it isn’t going away any time soon. Do I need Amazon? Arguably, no, but I’m not quite there yet. (Stay tuned.) For now though I deal with Amazon, which leads me to make social posts like this

… which, you know, I’m not exactly proud of, but you gotta do the little dance if you want to get noticed, at all. Getting to number 9 in this chart (in fact, number 7 before launch, which is odd) is fantastic, but it also highlights the absolute fucking dreck which makes up the highest ranking books on the Zon.

Are said books using Amazon ads to get those sales? Possibly. Are they using shitty, search-optimized titles? Mostly. Are they making what looks like the absolute minimum fucking effort to create covers, that in some cases look like they’ve been shat out of Microsoft Word running on autopilot then dropped through a wormhole from 1996?

This, I swear, is a real book available for real money on Amazon dot com and no, I’m not sorry

Yes. Yes they most definitely are.

And, most of all, are they crapping out literally a few thousand words per ‘book’ (ugh) and charging $2.99 a pop, then turning around and bundling all those ‘books’ into a bundle that seems to offer incredible value when in fact it’s equivalent in page count to just one of my books?!


But then.

Then, every now and again, something like the message below pops up.

And I think “You know what? It’s fucking worth it.”

It’s worth the hours, days, months, weeks of writing time (stretched over the years!). It’s worth the revising, it’s worth the insanely pedantic cross-referencing of details to make sure everything lines up in the final manuscript (remind me to tell you about The Note sometime, which probably added a week to the editing of Seeing is Deceiving), it’s worth the endless headscratching while trying to (a) tell a cohesive story, with (b) sexy stuff that also happens to (c) feature a super specific fetish while also doing (d) things like plot? Character? In other words, a real book?

Yeah. It’s worth it.

Comment from 2tailwolf on Seeing is Deceiving

From one ‘autumn chicken’ to another man – I hope you’ll get more soon enough. That’s the plan.

For now though, back to the real world.